Friday, May 12th, 2023 Halis Agha (Cetin Tekindor) is the patriarch of the Korhanlı family who has built a large jewelry company out of nothing. He is an authoritarian man who always says the last word in the family Yali Capkini Season-1 EP-32 with English Subtitle. Indeed, although he has some health problems and left the family business to his son Orhan, he still makes important opinions.


Ferit (Mert Ramzan Demir) is Halis Agha’s grandson. He graduated from a university in the United States simply because his family wants to expel him as a major. After returning to Istanbul, Ferit continues his humiliated and reckless life.


Ferit is unlike his family Fuat (Doğukan Polat) and his father Orhan (Emre Altug). He is not up for bidding and wants to live as he pleases. Still, he relies on his family’s financial support, and because of this, he doesn’t have the guts to revolt against his family.


When Khalis Agha got tired of Ferit’s reckless behavior, he decided to make him marry someone from his hometown of Gaziantep. He accuses his elder brother-in-law Ifakat (Gulcin Santircioglu) of finding a nice girl suitable for the Korhanlı family Yali Capkini Season-1 EP-32 with English Subtitle. Feret has nothing to do but accept this marriage. He thinks his marriage will be on paper and he can continue living as he wants.


In order to find the perfect groom for the Korhanlı family, Evakat goes to Gaziantep and starts looking for potential grooms. This news has become very popular in Gaziantep because the Korhanlı family is one of the flowing families in Istanbul.


Kazim (Diren Polatogullari) is one of the flowing families in Gaziantep as well. He has two daughters Sona (Peryl Bozam) and Seyran (Afra Sarakoglu). He wants his daughters to marry rich men. Therefore, he did not want to lose the chance to be in-laws with the Korhanlı family.


Evakat sees Sona and decides that she is the right groom for the Korhanli family. The Korhanlı family informs and calls Yali Capkini Season-1 Ferit and his parents to Gaziantep to ask for Sona’s hand in marriage.


Friday, May 12th, 2023, When Feret comes to Gaziantep, he wants to wander around a bit. In pure cohabitation, Ferit bumps into Seyran without knowing that he is supposed to come from the family-in-law and family-in-law. The two do not get along well at first and Siran says that now she will meet him again.


Soon after, Korhanli’s family goes to Sona’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. However, Ferit wants to marry Seyran instead of Sona. Father Kazem accepts it without allowing his daughters or letting in how this will affect his family.


Sona and Siran’s life turns upside down. Sona is the eldest son in the family, and if she cannot marry before her young family, the governors in the city will speak negatively of her. On the other hand, Siran does not intend to get married because she wants to continue her education. Without allowing his daughters, Kazem agrees to marry Siran to Ferit. He is very happy to be the husband of the Korhanlı family.


The story of the TV series Golden Boy (Yali Capkini) revolves around the young girl Seyran who is forced to marry a rich Casanova Ferret boy. Will Ferit succeed in continuing his life as he wants after he accepts marriage? Will Syran succeed in continuing her education after her marriage? Will Seyran get along with the Korhanlı family? Will Ferit and Siran get along well after they get to know each other more and more? Will Sona find peace after her family goes to Istanbul? Will Feret and Pelin continue their relationship after Feret’s marriage to Siran? Will Syran get used to her new life in Korhanlı’s house? Will Asman and Fuat finally have a child? Will Sona start making revenge plans to get her stolen future back?



Additional staff members

  • Deren Polatogullari as Kazim Sanli
  • Doğukan Polat as Fuat Korhan
  • Oznur Serceler as Asuman Korhan
  • İrem Altuğ in the role of Sultan
  • Sezin Bozaci as Esme Sanli
  • Holly Dyer as Sefika
  • Yigit Tuncay in a nice role
  • Boss Boss Kahraman as Pelin Yilmaz / Bilo
  • Canso Ferenci as Ibrahim
  • Celine Ozberg as Degla
  • Umut Gezer as Yusuf
  • Menderes Samansillar as Nesip
  • Mehmet Esen as Vahit
  • Tugay Mine has a burial role
  • Firat Celik as Eve



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